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Melanie Mendonca

Melanie has been with HCR since February 15, 2016. She has worked in cabinet design for 23 years and has an Advanced Associates Degree in interior design from Virginia College. She is proficient in ProKitchen and 2020 design programs. Her dream kitchen would either be mid-century modern or contemporary beach cottage with vintage rustic and industrial touches. She loves natural finishes and simple designs; no frilly trims, moldings, glazes or hardware.  



Jacob Dacey

Jacob started in the home remodeling industry while still in high school in 1996. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Math/Science Education he decided to return to a career of home renovation. He has the hands-on experience of having remodeled professionally as well as being trained in kitchen and bath design while working at The Home Depot. His dream kitchen would have rustic finishes and hardware with an open floor plan that led naturally into other living spaces; making the kitchen feel like the true heart of the home. 



Jerre McKenzie

Jerre has been a designer for 27 years. His dream kitchen would have clean lines and include black quartz countertops. The cabinetry would be modern with slab drawer fronts and have grey paint or stain. Stainless steel appliances are a must.   



Greg Wilson

Greg has been with HCR since May 10, 2016. He has a degree in landscaping from Auburn University. For 10 years he owned a retail business designing and building custom iron, wood and concrete furniture. He worked as a cabinet specialist at Lowes where he was trained by "the master", Jerre McKenzie (also an employee of HCR). His dream kitchen would be very functional with a place for everything. He prefers rustic distressed finishes and natural wood.....NO WHITE. Simple craftsman/shaker lines with a unique but not too busy granite countertop.   



Connie Vickers

Connie has been with HCR since May 30, 2017. She has worked in cabinet design for over 10 years. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Montevallo. She has attended numerous road shows over the past 10 years. Her dream kitchen is all about organization......where is my Saran Wrap, mixing bowls, flour and spices? The coffee bar would be a center focal point with a display of coffee mugs from all over. Cabinets would remain plain as there is less to clean and dust. 



Helen Brewer

Helen has been with HCR since September 2019. She has designed for over 6 years and loves making a project come to life. She believes that a kitchen should have functionality, as well as flow and should be representative of the homeowner and home. Her dream kitchen would be mid-century with a bit of bohemian style thrown in for good measure. It would be a bit eclectic, welcoming, open, and a gathering spot with a butler and a maid hiding in the pantry.

Kitchen .jpg

Jen Thompson


Jen joined our team in March 2020. She has an Associate's Degree in Interior Design and has been a kitchen and bath designer for the last 17 years. Her favorite part about working with clients is creating their DREAM kitchen. She gives them a space that looks great and functions well. Her dream kitchen would be Mid-Century Modern with a designated storage space for everything. There is nothing better than a beautiful, organized kitchen!



Brenton Phillips

Brenton has been with HCR since 2020. He was a realtor for over 7 years in the Birmingham metro area and noticed many homes in need of updating. As a realtor, he knew that key selling features of a home are the kitchens and bathrooms and this inspired him to pursue a design career with HCR. He is hoping to have his dream kitchen before the good Lord takes him. His dream kitchen consists of a spacious, welcoming atmosphere with professional grade appliances, functionality, limitless storage and this would transition into an outdoor grilling area to entertain family and friends. 

2018-10-25 15.12.02.jpg

Dustin Grandchamp


Dustin has been with HCR since November 2020. He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from
Auburn University. He has worked in most facets of design, spending the past 7 years in Architecture
with a strong focus on Interior Design and Architectural Rendering. His ideal kitchen would be the focal
point of the home, a modern design with an inviting, open layout annnnd possibly one of those ‘food-o-
matics’ from the Jetsons.


Linda Ellington


Linda has been with HCR since March of 2021 and has been actively designing for 4 years. She loves to see designs come to life and to capture someone's dream. She says one of the greatest pleasures in life is to see a warm smiling face and loves to contribute to that smile. Her favorite kitchen would be Mediterranian with a french country flair.   

2018-10-25 15.10.25.jpg

Chris French


Chris has been with HCR since March 2021, and in the kitchen design business for eight years. He has a
degree in Social Science Education from the University of Alabama. As an army brat growing up, he lived
everywhere from Kansas to Korea, but he has lived somewhere in Alabama for 18 of the last 19 years.
His dream kitchen would be a mixture of mid-century modern and classic woodgrains with bold, unique
granite. A huge gas range, several beers on tap, and a robot to clean up after him would be a must.

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