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When remodeling or with new construction, how can you avoid being unsatisfied with your finished product? You can start with three-dimensional images of your proposed project. This streamlines the remodel or new build process and allows for a seamless transition into the building phase. 3D design is so detailed and gives architects, builders, and clients the opportunity to view their selections before any cabinets or countertops are purchased. Watch your ideas come to life..... See the below line drawing and full color version of one of our 3D Designs that our very own Jerre McKenzie created. Call (205) 669-9550 for your free in-home consultation with 3D design. We service all of Birmingham and Central Alabama. 

The transformation on this home in Maylene is stunning. Our designer, Connie Vickers did an amazing job. Look at the before and after pictures. We can change a space completely to fit your lifestyle and your needs.